Terms of Use


Your Negatives

Due to the at times unpredictable nature of film there is a chance that your negatives may not be accurately exposed. This can result in the variance of colour and detail expected of the final image. At Lovely Film Lab we will correctly adjust the scanned image to the best of our ability to help in any further editing, unless specified otherwise. To help our customers learn and grow as analog photographers we will also provide a description of any extreme adjustments made.

There may be times when you are unsure if your roll has worked! Please note this down at the bottom of the job sheet with any details that you can provide, to ensure all measures are taken to try and rescue your film! For such circumstances Lovely Film Lab will develop your film before invoicing incase the roll is blank to avoid any payment issues.

We are not liable for any unexpected results in developing or handling of film

Order Changes

Once film has been mailed or dropped off no further changes can be made to the order. If you would like to add onto what you have previously ordered please email us and we will create an extra order for these add ons.


We do not accept cash as payment and invoice only via PayPal.